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Create unrealistic images in real space; consolidating the latest and innovative technology to the field of history; Androids digital mixing skulls already existed thousands of years ago. The poetry of Martin Sampedro certainly complies with the precepts of photography, but goes further and using technological innovations creates new worlds. Characters of perfect beauty, of unreal bodies that have become habituated models that we see as possible, also offer a peculiar dilemma. As says Antonio G. González: Sampedro finds something on the order of reality through photography. The unbridgeable gap between reality and its representation not intended sutured but, on the contrary, it is shown as a tension that will never be solved but it makes emerge the world, as an event. Ángeles Alemán


The MARTIN SAMPEDRO photographic series  are very close to the exploration such a science fiction world. They fantasy teams up with technology to create imaginary worlds that are, however, apparently nearby. In the sense that the extraordinary surprise and there does not appear as threatening or disturbing, but rather as an everyday thing. Cities, buildings and spaces in which his characters are real spaces appear and also the figures of these characters are men, women and real children. Only these characters appear naked, as human animals, often digitally retouched. In his scenes however it always produces the emergence of the extraordinary, as if it were an everyday thing. For example, in the Annunciation 2006, a photograph of a family, naked inside his house, seen through its windows the arrival of a spaceship lands on the sea. The human animal so stunned and naked assists not only the experience of his own animality, but rather hard and objective experience, scientific, that is the death that cover reality. The skulls exposed and arranged in the windows of a museum show a surprising strange beast: it is rare to be alive. Miguel Cereceda