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Latente Book

  LATENTE “In the dream of invisible beings” Texts by Martin Sampedro, Leandro Taub and Anton Fernandez de Rota. Binding hardcover 31 x 31 cm. 200 pages. Limited edition, signed by the author.     Share List

Under the skin

Under the skin Martin Sampedro‘s latents are devoid of that tragic vision because the radiographed bodies are not real but imaginary, sublimated by desire. Sampedro fix the umbilical cord between the beginnings of photography (the latent image as a principle of analog photo) and the last digital or holographic techniques, using the concept of latency as mental substrate. Sculptural anatomies scanned by our libido, copulating, practicing cunnilingus, reflected in concave and distorting mirrors, photographing themselves in a mise en abyme […]

The transit of Venus

The transit of Venus By Martín Sampedro. 2012     Share List