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Iconic Dulcinea

Why Dulcinea? Villager, maternal, feminine, eccentric, generous, submissive, rebellious, multiple personality, unique personality, wild nature, seductive, glib, unattainable, Empress of La Mancha, Lady of his Thoughts … Reality or fantasy ?. I dont know the formula for success but understand that for someone to become an icon must have a physical and chemical composition that challenges the standards and laws of the time. It is essential to have a memorable name, mentor, biographer, photographer, supporters, detractors, affected, critics, Quixotes, Sanchos […]

The Latent exhibition

        “Perhaps the gesture trigger the shutter of a camera is a conscious decision to catch something memorable and embalmed for preservation as something true. Instead the truth is latent, and the creation it is invention.”   In October 2015 Latent exhibition was presented at the gallery Mondo in Madrid. A few months later, the expanded collection with the video installation “The Rape of Europa” and some other photographs from the book, has been exhibited in the […]

Public Issue Blue Blood

    “…sólo artistas raros y ajenos a la institución y el sistema, ajenos a las servidumbres como Sampedro, pueden ofrecer las lecturas correctas que necesitamos los ciudadanos que aspiramos, hoy en día, a seguir siendo libres. Aunque sea a través de un recurso aparentemente tan simple como el de decirnos que “el Rey está desnudo”. O mejor dicho, la Monarquía entera. Porque en los últimos capítulos de su extensa y variada obra, el amigo anda empeñado en mostrar una […]

Adam & Eve Loop Portrait

Adam & Eve Loop Portrait Installation, “Te Strangeness of Being”. Variable size media. Audio and video loop for two independent monitors or projectors. One for Adam and another for Eve. Martin Sampedro. 2010.     Share List