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Iconic Dulcinea

Why Dulcinea? Villager, maternal, feminine, eccentric, generous, submissive, rebellious, multiple personality, unique personality, wild nature, seductive, glib, unattainable, Empress of La Mancha, Lady of his Thoughts … Reality or fantasy ?. I dont know the formula for success but understand that for someone to become an icon must have a physical and chemical composition that challenges the standards and laws of the time. It is essential to have a memorable name, mentor, biographer, photographer, supporters, detractors, affected, critics, Quixotes, Sanchos […]

The Latent exhibition

        “Perhaps the gesture trigger the shutter of a camera is a conscious decision to catch something memorable and embalmed for preservation as something true. Instead the truth is latent, and the creation it is invention.”   In October 2015 Latent exhibition was presented at the gallery Mondo in Madrid. A few months later, the expanded collection with the video installation “The Rape of Europa” and some other photographs from the book, has been exhibited in the […]

The Rape of Europe

«The Rape of Europe» Raptar a una mujer es fácil por muy continental que sea su nombre. Lo mismo sucede con los conceptos, las ideas, las imágenes, la patentes, los sistemas, todo puede ser raptado secuestrado, conquistado, manipulado, fusilado, plagiado, envasado, vendido y devaluado, cuando se vive en la avaricia y se dispone de un batallón de mediocres paniaguados que simulen la tempestad perfecta. Esta fotografía «El Rapto de Europa» que forma parte de la colección Latente, es una puesta […]

The transit of Venus

The transit of Venus By Martín Sampedro. 2012     Share List

“Los contrabandistas de Ronda”. Federico García Lorca and Salvador Dalí in love. Martin Sampedro, 2009



Latent Alter-Portraits

Latent Alter-Portraits I will put my Spirit in you and you will live. I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breath in you, and you will come to life.  The Valley of Dry Bones.Ezekiel 37     When my friend P. P. M. wrote the headline for the catalogue of the exhibition Interior Ulterior: «Martín Sampedro: The New Photography», I was surprised by his ability to explain my […]