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Portrait: Giedrius Petrauskas, at POST Gallery. Kaunas


“Perhaps the gesture trigger the shutter of a camera is a conscious decision to catch something memorable and embalmed for preservation as something true. Instead the truth is latent, and the creation it is invention.”


In October 2015 Latent exhibition was presented at the gallery Mondo in Madrid. A few months later, the expanded collection with the video installation “The Rape of Europa” and some other photographs from the book, has been exhibited in the POST gallery at Kaunas, Lithuania. It is the beginning of a roaming I trust expands the horizons of sampedrismo and the New Photography.

-But why so far, my son? (Said my mother).

She’s right thinking that it will cost effort to lead exhibition so far, but the satisfaction of seeing the collection well exposed on the eyes of hundreds of people absorbed, reinterpreting images with his smart phones, it is the best tribute we can do to the Latent world. So keep working to trip the collection to more destinations to show internationally.

Giving birth image is an effort of self-acceptance. The image is revealed and tells you something, maybe of the future if you know understand. When you don’t know, just let time to recognize the signs. At least in my case, photography has been the vehicle that intuition leads me to know new worlds, new lights and new ways to build my own existence. The Photography gives me Life.

Share your own view, do physical the virtual, materialize, monetizing, frame, glass, packaging, teleportation, expectation, reconsider… The process of displaying images hanging of a wall is an experience that challenges time. ¿Will last the image so many years as the wall? There are images that pull down walls and walls that devour any image. What are the criteria for determining right or wrong? Why or why not, is something that we undertand faster, at first sight, but obviously it is, we’d know not to say the because of. That exercise of showing pictures hanging on the wall, makes the image as solid as the wall that sustains it. So as the years pass, when a photograph is iconic, don’t want to leave his anchors.

From cultural insecurity, their ministries, the walls of virtuality and social networks where we live, to the walls of the real world, castles, museums, graveyards, borders, deceased, where we dream in life without gravity secured by the Nails of Christ and the screws of the sacred photographs . The Photography gives me Life but also gives me grave.

Martin Sampedro,  28/08/2016


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Radio Nacional de España. Salimos por el mundo – Martín Sampedro.

Latente Book: LATENTE “En el sueño de seres invisibles” Textos de Martín Sampedro, Leandro Taub y Antón Fernández de Rota. Encuadernación tapa dura 31 x 31 cm. 200 páginas. Edición limitada, firmada por el autor.


Thank you very much to Andrius Pukis (Director of POST Gallery), Diego Alonso (Director of Mondo Gallery ), Jarek Ros (Coordinator), Girl Yhared (Performer) and all the friends and fans who have made posible this great trip. Photographs by Lina Pranaityte and Martin Sampedro.




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